The impact of our operations is a significant focus area for ΚΕΒΕ, therefore together with our environmental footprint we also manage our social effects in the local communities in which we operate. With respect to nature and with the inherent need of integrating sustainable development within business principles, KEBE utilizes sustainable building materials to create high quality clay bricks and roof tiles. KEBE, has built its mission around spreading innovation and long term durability through its products.

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, we have a particular responsibility to ensure excellent design and quality products through efficient and low impact production and local community development. Therefore, sustainability for KEBE is a conviction inherent in our daily production and in the way we conduct business.

Mindful of this, each ceramic product is the outcome of an automated production process, up-to-date robotic technology, the most precise control systems, alternative energy sources and our active involvement in research programs.

By utilizing its research and developing capabilities, KEBE products have been produced under the following parameters:

  •    ✔  High-quality raw materials
  •    ✔  Minimum energy consumption, including transportation
  •    ✔  Minimum green-house gas emissions, including transportation
  •    ✔  Waste reduction
  •    ✔  Recyclable products
  •    ✔  Toxicity control
  •    ✔  Zero waste
  •    ✔  Utilization of thermal capacity, sound insulation, masonry transpiration, earthquake resistance

Our three generation journey towards success has been achieved through our solid family values and a good foundation of people, making our mission of providing sustainable quality of life for generations to come possible by making your house a home for longer.

Consequently, as a company we are aware of our economic, ecological and social impacts and responsibility. We aim to make positive impacts with our products and innovations, our people, our behaviour and our operations.

09 Jul

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