The super-modern innovative mechanical equipment and the fully automated production process implementing modern robotic technology applications result in the production of high – standard products. The production stages are the following:

  • Excavation and processing of raw material

  • Forming

  • Drying

  • Firing (for tiles, we use the “H” cassettes method for firing them one by one)

  • Quality control

  • Packaging

  • Automated storage

The raw material is subjected to constant laboratory tests and analysis. There is continuous inspection of the quality by one of the most accurate control systems ,throughout production stages and with an emphasis on the final product, so as to ensure that it fully complies with the regulations and provisions of the Greek and European legislation.

Our privately – owned fleet of crane trucks in combination with the impeccable packaging of the products guarantee their safe and timely transportation to the delivery area.

The 2 autonomous brick and tile production units, each comprising 2 separate production lines, have an annual production capacity of 700.000 tons of bricks and 90.000.000 pieces of tiles.