July 2012

ISIKLAR's visit to KEBE

July 2012

ISIKLAR’s visit to KEBE

Four months after the beginning of our co-operation with the internationally renowned Turkish group of companies, ISIKLAR, and while exchanging visits and strengthening our relationships, not only in a professional but also in a personal level, a group of 40 members visited our premises on 09/07/2012.

Company executives and partners honored us with their visit. They were toured to our premises, watched the fully automated production procedure with the employment of the robotic technology and the most advanced processing control systems and then, a reception followed, dedicated to our guests.

The CEO, Mrs. Despoina Kothali, thanked them for their partnership and their positive comments for our plant and products. Afterwards, she referred especially to the Greek-Turkish friendship that we strongly support and it is the keystone to our partnership that it is not just a commercial trade but a shared vision.

The friendly gathering closed with the offer of a symbolic gift, an authentic reproduction of the female figurine from the sanctuary of Athena Parthenos in ancient Neapolis (modern Kavala), 2nd century B.C.


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