Green Building

Green Production Is At The Heart Of KEBE.

KEBE conscious of the environmental footprint of its production, remains fully committed to integrating sustainable practices throughout its operations.
Although clay represents a strong sustainable building material, KEBE recognises four areas within the life cycle assessment of its products where significant impacts are caused.

Raw Material Extraction & Quarrying

KEBE extraction fields are privately owned and managed in a responsible manner to minimize environmental deprivation. High standards prevent the depletion of natural resources, contamination of soil, ground water and pollution of the atmosphere. Raw material management is fundamental for KEBE, whose expansion has come part in parcel with respect towards the local communities in which it operates and the natural resources it uses.


KEBE has invested in the most advanced European technologies, enabling zero waste during production and eliminating hazards on human health. Additionally, technological advancements using exclusively natural gas in production, is a tremendous step for KEBE in decreasing energy consumption and minimizing its greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable practices are also integrated throughout transportation, packaging and storage. Quality is consistently reinforced by third party certifications including ISO 9001:2008, ΚΙWA and CE Compliance certifications.

Clay in Use

Clay is an extremely sustainable option whether you are looking through a social, environmental or economical lens. KEBE bioclimatic design and clean building technologies prolong its bricks and tiles life time. In addition, their thermal insulation characteristics ensure economic efficiency as well as excellent indoor air quality.

End of use

KEBE utilizes its cutting edge technology to embed innovation in all levers of its products life cycle. Through green building initiatives, KEBE promotes the importance of reusing natural resources, recycling and ultimately increasing their overall life span.
KEBE is committed to continue producing and distributing clay tiles and bricks which are characterized by careful energy use, controlled emissions and minimal waste.

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