The Dry Preparation of raw material at the gates!

The Dry Preparation of raw material at the gates!

It has been a decade from the first day KEBE opened its gates, there has been several decades of experience in the field of ceramics and since our roof tiles travelled from the Balkans to the Middle East, we are ready for the next big step in the strategic development of KEBE!

With sole criteria the quality and aesthetics, KEBE took off in the mid 2017 a new investment that will be completed at the end of 2017. The project started with the installation of an imposing metal construction of 28m height and dimensions 60mΧ200m, where the raw material will be stored in optimal conditions as well as the new dry preparation plant.

The dry preparation significantly reduces the granulometry of the raw material and increases its homogeneity. As a result, the final product has remarkable technical characteristics and high aesthetic. Better flexural strength, minimum water permeability, and a smooth surface ideal to apply new techniques, satisfying even the most challenging aesthetic expectations!




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