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logo-KEBE-KOTHALIS-ENKEBE until today offers a rich variety of colors, in all types of tiles (Dutch-Portuguese- Mediterranean & Macedonian) and roof accessories.

But the research & development department of new products (R & D) which has a significant role in the strategy growth of KEBE … never stops!

It offers to the customers the opportunity to choose exactly what they want without any limitation in style and colors, satisfying even the most demanding aesthetic approach.
And we continue….





 An important chapter for KEBE, that recognizes the responsibility towards society, people and the environment. This is proved every day not only with the production process and products that are environmentally friendly, but also by choosing a more active role in this critical period.

It selects vulnerable groups who are affected in these difficult economic times and helps them to improve their living standards and their reintegration in the society. In order to achieve this KEBE co-operates with a series of institutions and coordinates actions. The purpose of the publication of our action is not the promotion of our company , but to prompt everyone become a link in the solidarity chain.


 Due to the open invitation KEBE addressed to everyone, a 6-membered team of the Technical Department of the Municipality of Sykies-Neapolis, Thessaloniki, visited our factory, on Friday 9/18/15.

After the welcome by the deputy of the company Mr. Agis Kothali , the was a tour at the plant, followed by a comprehensive presentation of the company and its products by the Civil Engineer / Energy Inspector and technical advisor of KEBE, Mr. Vasilis Kakoutopoulos.

This was followed by a fruitful discussion and analysis of various technical issues, regarding the standards and the building regulations requirements.


 ΚΕΒΕ products were presented by our partners in the Building M aterials Exhibition CONSTRUCTIONS CYPRUS 2015, 18-20 / 9/2015 in EXPOCYPRUS in NICOSIA.

The visitors were mostly interested in roof tiles of special techniques and roof accessories, for construction of high aesthetics and design and for the building systems with vertically perforated holes ORTHOBLOCK & ORTHOBLOCK PLUS (with EPS filling).


On Thursday, April 30, 2015 forty students from the Department of Production and Management Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace, based in Xanthi, visited KEBE on its premises. Students were accompanied by the Professor Mr. Gkaitaztis.

Initially, the students were greeted by the Management of the company, and the Technical Advisor & Civil Engineer of KEBE, Mr. Kakoutopoulos presented the company and the products. Then, the students were given a tour of the factory, were informed about the production process, and watched the operation of modern machinery, the robotics applications and the final products.

The students showed great interest and submitted numerous questions. Through this tour they strengthened their knowledge of the University and at the same time show the application of such knowledge in practice.


Under the open call sent by KEBE, to whom it may be interested, on Thursday, April 30, 2015 cooperating engineers and company executives from Cyprus, visited our factory.

The atmosphere was very friendly and after the welcome, there was a factory tour, followed by a detailed presentation of the company and its products by the Technical Director and Civil Engineer of the company Mr. Vassilis Kakoutopoulos. A constructive discussion and analysis of various technical issues, with references to standards and building regulations requirements followed.

The event ended with a working lunch, where we had the opportunity to become better acquainted with our partners.

KEBE SA with restless entrepreneurial spirit and in constant seeking of ways of development and prosperity of the industry, joined forces with the expertise and experience of the Ceramics Christodoulidis, a company with a great and remarkable progress in the field and decided to proceed together.

Our team is growing and will take full advantage of this experience, with respect to the partnerships with all of you, our customers, and in order to serve you better, both in terms of products and services in general

In a dreamy environment and with spring weather, we celebrated Easter, in an event that became a tradition for our company, since for the fifth year we hosted more than 600 people, our clients together with their families, in the hotel ALEXANDRA BEACH THASSOS SPA RESORT, in Potos, Thassos.

So we had the chance to get away from the problems of everyday life, have fun, exchange views and ideas and to get to know each other better.

A particularly enjoyable time, was the welcome speech from the Vice President, Mr. Agis Kothalis and the announcement of the cooperation with Chalkidiki Ceramics, a company with a remarkable history in the field of ceramics. A union in experience and expertise, aiming to the development and prosperity of our industry.

Many wishes to everyone for health and success and for a year, certainly better than the previous one.



For another year KEBE SA participated successfully in INFACOMA exhibition that was held in Thessaloniki in February 12-15, 2015.

Partners from all over Greece, honored us with their presence, while the extroversion of our company was confirmed by the visit of our customers from the Balkan countries, Romania, Cyprus, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey .

New styles in tile, new roof accessories, building systems ORTHOBLOCK PLUS & POROTON ORTHOBLOCK, a series of ceramic facade and floor coating products, but also the innovative Facade Insulation System KEBEKLINKER attracted the interest of the visitors.

Our colleagues from the sales department and our technical advisors made a thorough presentation of our products and their applications and found solutions to technical issues.

The … violinists near the roof, created a beautiful atmosphere during the reception that we held for our customers to thank them for our cooperation.

We thank everyone who honored us with their presence and we commit that we will continue with the same dedication to the triptych INNOVATION-QUALITY-ECOLOGY.






12/2/2015 – 15/2/2015