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KEBE’s cooperation with the internationally renowned Turkish group of companies ISIKLAR in the development of export activities in Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran, was formalized by our visit in ISIKLAR in the Turkish exhibition of building materials YAPI – TURKEY BUILD 2012 on 2-6/5 in Istanbul.

For the first time ISIKLAR presented KEBE’s products, while we had positive feedback and comments from representatives of large construction companies and they highlighted the need for roof tiles and accessories of high quality and aesthetics for a complete roofing system.

The number of workshops organized by KEBE SA on “Constructions of Bearing Masonry according to the EC6, EC8 and B.E.E.R.” continues with great success. After Thes / ki, Kavala and Larissa, on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 KEBE held another workshop in Ioannina, under the auspices of the Technical Chamber of Greece / Epirus Department.

AUTH Professors, Mr. Kosmas Stylianidis, Mr. Thomas Xenos and the technical sales consultant of KEBE Dimitris Dedoularis, presented in the technical world the innovative building system ORTHOBLOCK, its absolute conformity to the requirements of the Eurocodes and B.E.E.R. and the economic benefits from its use.
KEBE SA thanks Mr Christos Papavranousis, the President of TEE (Epirus Department) for their excellent cooperation in organizing the conference, and all those who responded to our invitation.

KEBE SA has begun a new partnership with the internationally renowned Turkish group of companies ISIKLAR, active among others in the construction and energy field.
The cooperation concerns the presence of KEBE’s roof tiles in the markets of Turkey , Georgia , Azerbaijan, Iraq and Iran , where ISIKLAR occupies an important position and has organized offices and sales network.
Two powerful brands with an ambitious plan, join forces to launch KEBE’s high quality products in a promising market, under the brand name ISIKLAR-KEBE.

As part of the development of export activities in the Balkan region, KEBE SA participated in the building materials exhibition CONSTRUCTION ALBANIA 2012 at 23-25/3 in Tirana.
It is the largest exhibition of the construction industry in the Western Balkans, with participants and visits mainly from Albania , Greece , FYROM, Kosovo.
Important contacts that will contribute to the establishment of extroversion of KEBE SA were realized.

Another workshop on «Constructions of Bearing Masonry according to the EC6, EC8 and B.E.E.R” took place in Larissa.

KEBE’s Participation in the exhibition INFACOMA
Once again KEBE SA participated successfully in the exhibition INFACOMA that was held in Thessaloniki 16-19/02/2012.

This year’s participation was particularly interesting , since it coincided with the start of our productive activity in the new branch of Larissa ( 5 km of Larissa – Sikourio)
The building system OrthoBLOCK and its full harmonization with the Eurocodes and K.EN.AK. (Buildings’Energy Wfficiency Regulation) along with the accompanying accessories of the “big” roof tiles , attracted the interest of our visitors .
Our colleagues from the sales department and our technical consultants made a comprehensive presentation of our products and their applications and provided solutions to technical issues.
Thanks to everyone who honored us with their presence and we commit that we will continue with the same dedication to the threefold INNOVATION -QUALITY- ECOLOGY.